Our Experts

Our team is as diverse and diverse as the requirements in occupational health management. We share the passion to create healthy working and living environments in which everyone can develop their full potential.
A theory is only as valuable as its practical implementation. Our experts will help you integrate healthy behaviors into everyday life.

Dr. Lutz Herdener

Dr. Lutz Herdener, a doctor of physiology, works as a lecturer and scientist at the Technical University of Munich in the field of health promotion. His focus is on the development of movement concepts to improve performance. He also examines various approaches in occupational health management.

Danja Schuster

Sports scientist and health psychology expert Danja Schuster is dedicated to stress management and recreation. As a trained resilience trainer, she shows everyday skills
Strategies to strengthen personal resources and the psychological immune system.

Anna Gellert

The trained nutritionist Anna Gellert worked as a nutrition therapist for several years. As part of corporate health management, she teaches in lectures and workshops that a balanced diet without renunciation and unusual ingredients is possible and how nutrition influences the immune system and performance.

Jakob Zierer

Jakob Zierer is our expert in the area of productive workplaces. With his knowledge of work, product and production ergonomics, he creates new, back-friendly working environments. Through innovative concepts, he brings movement and performance into the company.

Philipp Hess

Philipp Hess is responsible for movement. He conducts training, seminars and health coaching for our customers. The sports scientist has various certifications and is therefore also on the road as an FMS expert or BLACKROLL® trainer.

Katharina Brinkmann

In addition to her studies, Katharina Brinkmann started her yoga path with an “intensive yoga” training. In addition, she completed training in functional training and health training. She also writes for many journals and is beyond Yoga book author.

Max Schneider

While studying health management, Max Schneider dealt with the topics of sleep and regeneration. Back then, against the background of increased performance in sports. Now he is using the knowledge he has acquired in the context of occupational health management.

Matthias Batz

Matthias Batz is an expert in workplace ergonomics, designing workplace environments and providing advice on ergonomic workplace design. With the right office furniture and the right lighting, he creates healthy work environments.